Thoughts & Musings 16th Sep

Bendigo for a midweek meeting. I love Bendigo, I like the people and the vibe. Granted I’ve only seen the people and felt the “vibe” at the racetrack. I enjoyed the drive out there, I listened to the “Hello Sport” podcast (tipping it hard) then some Cat (Tea for the Tillerman) into some Oasis (What’s the Story Morning Glory) to get me up ‘n’ about. It was the perfect start to a Wednesday, the sun was out and I was ready to bet.

I despise the drive home from Bendigo, I hate it. I normally would put this down to a losing day or dwelling on missed opportunities etc. I won on Wed, however, and we broke about even from the yard. Up early and fired some shots but missed late, movers landed good blows and I had a strong day. My thoughts on driving home from Bendigo were soured by the fact that the Monash was shut after the Burnley exit and I drove past the Sandown exit at 830pm.

The drive home cooked me and I couldn’t muster the strength to get myself to Mornington. I dove into a very juicy Flemington card. Had 3 early bets, Spanish Whisper, Malibu Style and Material Man. I expected a fair track but didn’t want to be on anything that would lob too far back, which I think ended up being the case.

Flemington was busy, young Josh was distracted, more so than usual. Not only was he betting in each state of this great land, but there was more than the normal quota of females parading around and the young fella was half off the bit.

The racing was strong and there will be plenty of winners to come from the meeting. Mr Quickie really impressed me and I think “condition” wise can improve again. The Makybe will obviously be a fat form reference and plenty in the race did more than enough to say “back me next time”, all the way back to Humidor I think whose run was better than it looked. He powered through the line, like I’m sure many of the footballers enjoying their Mad Mondays are as I type this.

Mystic Journey, “Betty”, I was against on the preview show, mainly due to the map and was more so after her parade, she was too toey and jiggy in her action. I proceeded to lay her heavily at around $2.16. I then proceeded to pat myself on the back when she appeared to be CAST 3 wide early, however, I then proceeded to shit myself as B. Allen snicked Fifty Stars which allowed “Betty” to slot in 3 back and 1 off. I was praying to gods I don’t believe exist by the 250m mark when all she had to do was get past a $100 chance. God bless Gatting and J.Kah, what a horse and what a ride. If “Betty” draws a gate she’ll win whatever she wants.

Fedelia and Tarwin are both ready to win, but they both require the stars to align map and track pattern wise as they both get back and run on.

Short ‘n’ sweet this week punters, sleep training a big thick almost 4 month old future punter takes the gas out of you somewhat.

Cranbourne and Caulfield this week. Sir Rupert Clarke Stakes day, will be fascinating to see how Be Good ToYa Mother backs up off that suicidal early tempo it went last start, I’m cheering for the camp.

Ps, As often seems to happen when the good horses come back and some actual humans attend the races. @PaulColaci gets harassed for taking his photos on course which he does and has done for a very long time, He is humble and keeps to himself. His photos focus on the forgotten people in racing, the strappers. Head to twitter and follow him and please retweet him and support him to stop the powers that be banishing him from our race tracks. You’ll also find him on FaceBook at THANK YOU STRAPPERS.

Make sure you type A and not I or you’ll end up on one of Drew’s other FB pages.

‘Til next week, yours in racing,

Jack Dickens

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