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Wednesday was the last midweek meeting at Royal Sandown for almost 2 months. Until we race at Sandown again, on-course punters are asked to travel to Bendigo x4, Ballarat, Geelong and Kyneton to bet on Wednesdays: highlighting how valuable Sandown is to the industry in Victoria. The track needs a rest after being raced on so heavily, the track has been on-pace but I think it’s done a great job, credit to the staff. As Victorians settle into life as the “overwatering” state we will likely see lanes at each and every track, like we did on Saturday at TheValley. 

Sandown played great on Wednesday, winners came from everywhere and the best thing was, me and mine were on enough of them for it to be a very large day. The lucky hat was still working as my recent run continued. 

Pure Legend, Sads and GladWrap Melham got us off to a big start. The horse deserved to break it’s maiden and did it well. Race 1 was a decent maiden and I think we will see some “progressive” stayers come from it. WARNING hit the line very strongly, it won’t be a maiden for too long. Relucent was very good also.

We also backed Lucifer’s Reward, Rox The Castle and Fine Dane which made it a strong day. Lassiter was very impressive vs it’s parade and I reckon it’s in for a good prep. She remains unbeaten and in hindsight was a good thing, the market hated her, she was $3 fav out to around $8-$9 come the jump. She beat Tofane at Bendigo on debut in March who won well at TheValley on Saturday.

I think the horse to follow from Sandown is Soul Patch for Kenny Keys, ridden by Dwayne Dunn, I doubt he will get off anytime soon. The Lifeline won the race leading all the way, Soul Patch was ridden cold, last turning before roaring home. It looks a Guineas horse to me. $51 most joints if you want to gamble on the horse heading that way, I’ve no idea where they are aiming. 

On Friday I was lucky enough to be invited to the Vo Rogue Luncheon, hosted by his part owner and once monster punter Garry Roberts. I took plenty away from the lunch and the older smarts in the room. Here’s a few things I pondered on the drive home (yeah I drive to big pissy lunches at the moment to be a responsible father, it’s not easy, but it’s the right thing to do. Otherwise I’d have stayed out all night like TheWish, I have one of the more bendable arms you’ll ever see) When Vo Rogue won the “Winfield Stakes” or Kingston Town Classic he had different silks on, the jock, Cyril Small was wearing the Winfield Red logo instead of his normal colours. Like the old Schumacher Ferrari. And it got me thinking

We can’t have smokes advertised at all now let alone at sporting events, but it’s apparently sweet to pump wagering ads down our throats, online corporate bookmakers advertise bonus bets, money back offers and odds which only losing punters are able to access. This will surely be outlawed so the powers that be must get creative in attracting new players to the game. They need the smartest minds in racing to work together. Punters and those helping grow the game on education and winning need to be supported and embraced. It feels like owners and breeders are first…daylight second then the poor old punters bringing up the rear….

Hearing Garry Roberts speak about some of the big plunges he pulled off before I was born was the highlight of my week, racing and wagering must’ve been so different back then. The amounts he turned over could only be dreamed of now. 

TheValley track was had lanes on Saturday, my read was the inside was slightly off and if you got to wide turning and in the straight you were in slightly inferior ground again. Keep an eye out on twitter for @puntingform to enlighten us via PF Analytics as to the #Data behind the track. 

I started strongly, backed the winner races 1 and 2 but it was downhill from there. A little like Davey Warner in the Ashes I couldn’t score a run. I bet poorly towards the end, I bet heavily at Booker and Bons Away who both ended up in spots I wanted my bets to avoid. I hoped Olly would find the spot but the horse was slow away and then landed rails in run. No good. Bons was $1.05 at the top of the straight and had a good think about it and the strong 1st up Faatinah found again after sitting OSL to beat us. I overvalued the yard in races 5 and 6, I thought both winners good things heading into the meeting but lacked the pills to pull the trigger when it counted. Tipping is like playing video games compared to actually betting which is the real thing and a little like me playing NBA2K, I am a jet, triple doubles most games but in real life I am White Chocolate, I am Phillip Seymour Hoffman in Along Came Polly. And Josh K a little like Ben Stiller, a deep thinker. Although I doubt Ben bets in every state and most countries each Saturday.

Rosco was strong again at TheValley, the human stopwatch was somewhat distracted at times as he questioned the strength of SpringRolls, sparked by the $689 BetFairSp of SpringRolls in r5. Ross is firm in his belief that in recent times the powers that be have been skimming on the meat in his Springys, I’m no expert so if you are hit him up on twitter @SOT_47

I was up plenty early but finished almost square from the yard. I was in front for my early betting at TheValley. It was a strong week, mainly thanks to Wed. The run of the day and horse to follow from TheValley is obvious, The Inevitable. The way it won was impressive and very hard to do on the day. 

Maybe Bendigo Wed, Maybe but likely Mornington Thursday and likely with a fresh hat. 

Yours in Racing, 

Jack Dickens





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