When an auction is not actually an auction?

Questions have emerged among the racing public this evening on social media in regards to the sales process implemented on Inglis Digital after the three lots for sale from Victoria’s most powerful Melbourne Cup winning owners, Hudson Conway (Lloyd Williams), were withdrawn hours before the finish of this weeks auction.

Nick Williams was on the front foot all week on social media pushing the three Team Williams prospects, including an early morning tweet just hours before the withdrawal from the auction.

It would be safe to say that the bids up to the point of withdrawal were underwhelming for the three horses in question, but why exactly were the horses allowed to be withdrawn from an unreserved auction hours before the finish?

These actions seem to make a mockery of a unreserved sales process that needs to be more open and transparent in the future. The question was asked to the twitter public and the majority agreed what has happened here isn’t sweet.

Both Inglis Digital and Hudcon Conway were emailed for comment / explanation on Friday and we have received no reply to-date.

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